Enrichment Elective Program

Art (K-6)

Children in Pre-Kindergarten - 6th grade attend art class on a weekly basis with instruction by the elementary art teacher. It is a vehicle for self-expression and the development of individual interests and talents. Individual teachers also plan a variety of art projects with their children in the classroom.

Foreign Language

Our elementary students (K-6) have the opportunity to be exposed to Spanish twice a week for 30 minute sessions. They begin with thematic vocabulary and work up to conversational Spanish.


Students in Pre-Kindergarten through third grades enjoy music class once a week. They will learn basic musical terms as well as fun songs and movements to enhance their classroom lessons. Younger students will learn worship songs about Bible stories to be sung in chapel services. Older students will learn to memorize scripture from the Bible by putting them to songs. They learn to add dance and sign language to enhance their memories.

Accelerated Class for Enrichment (ACE) Third – Six Grades

The ACE Math/Science and Language Arts class meets once a week. Students are selected on the basis of their SAT achievement test (must be in the 90th percentile), grades, and motivation.

The Math/Science experiments with higher level critical thinking skills using math and science concentrations. In the Language Arts Class, students explore their writing skills by creating poetry, rewriting short stories, and other compositions.