Junior High

The Christian Life Academy Junior High division serves students in grades 7 and 8. The Junior High is designed to function as a “pre-high school” experience for students in this age group. Junior High students share many common elements with our high school division. The Junior High is housed in the high school building and operates on the same alternating block schedule. Special attention is given to 7th grade students to help them prepare for high school responsibilities and expectations. In addition to all core subjects, several specialized courses are required in junior high which aid in this transition. These include Study Skills, Reading and Writing Through the Arts, and Computer Literacy. Additionally, 8th grade students have numerous opportunities to take 9th grade courses for high school credit. This option puts these students on a track which will allow them to take a number of specialized and advanced courses later in their high school experience.

Providing identity for junior high students is an important objective of this division. While junior high students participate in many aspects of high school life, special attention is given to events and activities of their own. A very active Junior High Student Council plans and executes numerous social and school spirit activities throughout the school year. Junior High clubs give students a place to belong and to serve. Our athletic program provides a junior high team for every sport offered at the high school level. Many junior high students are able to “play up” with varsity teams while others participate on teams that are directly linked to and supervised by our high school coaching staff. Chapel services, retreats, Bible studies and cell groups provide instruction, relationship, and opportunities for spiritual growth in the lives of our junior high students.

The Junior High falls under the administrative leadership of secondary principal Ms. Linda Burley. The administrative team also includes Mr. Cord Mckiethen as Assistant Principal of Academics and Mr. Ben Palmer as Assistant Principal of Discipline.