Marguerite Mullenix

Christian Life Academy has shaped my family’s life for the past thirty years.

The journey all began in 1981 with a meeting in a motel describing a new school that Christian Life was beginning.  Teddy, my son, began that year as a seventh grader.  I remember seeing carpet rolled on the floor, no ceiling up, yet, they started only two weeks after other schools began.  The next year my daughter Marie and I entered CLA, Marie as a seventh grader and myself as a sixth grade teacher.

Three years later our daughter Anna arrived on the scene and I became a stay at home mom tutoring CLA students in my home.
Meanwhile Teddy and Marie graduated from CLA and moved on.  Teddy graduated from University of Southern Mississippi in history and social work, with a BS and masters.  He is currently working for the tourist department of the state of South Carolina, and lives in Columbia with his children Claire, Clement, and Rosie. 

Marie attended LSU and then graduated from Southwestern Assembly of God University (SAGU).  The enriched Bible teachings she received while at Christian Life not only helped her at SAGU but continues to enrich her ministries today. She and her husband Mark with their three children Marcus, Makaela, and Micah are pastoring People’s Fellowship Assembly of God in Forney, Texas.

 The year after Marie graduated from CLA , Anna began as a preschooler and I went back to teaching as a junior high English teacher at CLA.  The next year I switched to second grade and stayed there for twenty years.  During this time my husband, David came to Christian Life as head of the maintenance department.

For sixteen years Anna was a part of Christian Life.  As a four year old she asked me as we walked in the building, “What is it today, Mommy, camp, church or school?”  Anna, active as a cheerleader and other activities, graduated third in her class in 2004 and went on to graduate with honors at LSU.  She is currently enrolled at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport as a first year medical student.

Currently, I am the elementary librarian working as reading specialist and coordinating AR in the elementary grades. David and I come to work every day anticipating the excitement of a new day at Christian Life Fellowship/Academy.

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