Ashley Wallis, Class of 2006

Christian Life Academy will always hold a very special place in my heart. Its supportive and caring environment encouraged me to grow not only academically, but also spiritually and socially. The faculty and staff had high expectations for me to reach my potential in all aspects of my life. Christian Life became a launching pad that propelled me through the phases of my collegiate experience which included academics and playing Division 1 basketball.

The strong legacy and undying heritage of Christian Life Academy makes it much more than just a school... It will always be my alma mater.

Christian Life became a place where I could find unconditional love, support, and a helping hand after graduation and during my collegiate years. The work ethic and strong educational background that I gained from Christian Life has become a driving force in my life to strive for excellence. I have used these skills to succeed in college while maintaining distinction and staying true to my Christian values. I have recently been accepted into the University of Louisiana at Monroe’s Graduate program where I will be pursuing my MBA. I believe that the determination and diligence that I was taught while a student at Christian Life allowed for this educational goal to be achieved. There are many ways in which a school can simply develop a person academically; however, Christian Life Academy ensures that all students receive a high quality education, pursue excellence, and above all, develop a relationship with Jesus Christ. The combination of these factors has contributed to the positive outcomes I have enjoyed. Christian Life Academy has played an integral part in my development into a successful Christian young lady.

Regardless of the paths that God may direct me in the future; I will always be a CLA Crusader.

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