Early Childhood:

The Early Childhood Program in pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten have an emphasis on developing socialization skills with a “hands-on” approach to learning. This works to create a loving environment where each child can become more independent and possess high self-esteem and a positive self-image.  Kindergarten will be using the “Hartcourt Brace” (HB) reading series, along with the Spalding phonetic approach to reading. The Spalding method is a highly acclaimed method for teaching legible handwriting, correct spelling, and accurate reading.  It has been taught throughout the United States for the last thirty years.

Grades 1-3:

Language Arts
In the elementary grades, the Harcourt Brace Basal Program along with the Spalding Method and Accelerated Reading is used in reading and language arts.  We are excited that all of our teachers in grades K-6 have been trained in the Spalding Method of teaching reading.

“Multi-sensory Learning” describes the Spalding Method or the “Writing Road to Reading”.  Both faculty and parents at CLA are enthusiastic about the Spalding Method of learning.  This highly acclaimed method of teaching speech, legible handwriting, correct spelling, and accurate reading has been taught in Louisiana, other states, and other countries since 1957.

The Accelerated Reading is part of Renaissance Learning, which provides students practice time in class reading books of their choice within their reading level.  Students take comprehension test on the classroom computer.  This individualized reading allows students to progress on their own level of achievement.

Children excel at all academic levels because the kinethetic skill of writing is combined with hearing, speaking, and insuring that each child is an active learner in the classroom. 


Our goal of instruction is for our students to acquire and apply the foundational skills of mathematics. The Saxon Mathematics curriculum for grades K-3 provides students with skills that are necessary to build a rock-solid foundation in beginning mathematics.  Saxon combines the introduction of new topics with a continual review of all previously learned material.
Social Studies and Science 

Students in grades K-3 use Harcourt textbooks.  This is a developmental program that includes historical concepts and geography skills.  It has been reviewed and approved by a National Review Committee as well as CLA administrators and teachers.  It is specifically adapted to Louisiana history skills.  This is a well-balanced curriculum emphasizing accurate history, economics, culture government, and geography.  The Science curriculum is student-centered and is designed to provide an inquiry based approach into the nature of science.  Elementary school students will participate in hands-on activities that provide enrichment and engagement while fostering a love for science.


Students in Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade attend art class on a weekly basis with instruction by the elementary art teacher.  It is a vehicle for self-expression and the development of individual interests and talents.  Individual teachers also plan a variety of art projects with their students in the classroom which enhances their multi-sensory education.

Physical Education

An Elementary PE program is designed to focus on cooperation, skill development, and fitness while de-emphasizing competition.  The activities chosen for our program offer fun, variety, and challenging experiences for each child regardless of skill level.  Classes meet 30 minutes a day for grades 1 – 3, twice a week for Pre-Kindergarten, and three times a week for Kindergarten. 


The main purpose of our library program is to instill an excitement and love of reading in the students. We also purpose to teach the children library skills and research skills that are age appropriate. 

Children in grades 1-3 may check out books from the library.  Fiction books for grades 1-3 may be checked out for one week only. Exceptions will be made for books being used for book reports or projects.  A verbal request to the librarian is acceptable for the renewal of books.  Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students go to the library once a week for story time.

A fine of $.05 per day will be charged for overdue books.  All students will be expected to pay overdue fines if assessed.

If a book is damaged or lost by a student, he/she will be expected to pay the replacement cost of the book. 

Computer Lab

Kindergarten -3rd grade classes utilize the elementary computer lab with 25 computers under the supervision of full time computer teachers.  Students will be given assignments in which they will use the Internet as well as other academic pursuits such as Accelerated Reading, math skill builders and social science research.  Parents must sign a release form for students to use school computers.

Chapel And Bible

Bible is taught daily in all elementary classrooms Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade.  In the Early Childhood Program, Bible stories are taught to children followed by meaningful discussions and Bible centered art projects.  The Positive Action for Christ Curriculum is taught in Kindergarten - to 3rd grade.

Chapel is held once a week. Our children’s pastor teaches the children about various characters of the Bible and subjects that promote Godly relationships with their peers, parents, and others. Worship music is also included during the chapel service. Parents are always welcome to attend chapel.